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Dreams Under Construction

See how you can help below!

Feature Films

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Monday 8pm

June 15, 2020

Gates open at 7pm

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Tuesday 8pm


June 16, 2020

Gates open at 7pm


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Wednesday 8pm


June 17, 2020

Gates open at 7pm

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Thursday 8pm

June 18, 2020

Gates open at 7pm


Friday 8pm

Saturday 8pm


Sunday 8pm


Mock-up No Films Playing Yet

June 19, 2020

Gates open at 7pm

June 20, 2020

Gates open at 7pm

June 21, 2020

Gates open at 7pm

Drive-In+ Development



2020 The Dream Begins...

The Raven Drive-In+ started as a dream. Three years later, we are on the road to legitimacy. We've applied for our NC business license and the design is semi-finalized. We have the financial plan conceptualized.



2020 The Road to Reality is paved in, well, $$$

The Raven Drive-In+ has partial funding promised. This is really happening. Dreams do come true! We are working our financial plan. Check out how you can help!



We Exist in the Virtual / Social World...

That makes us official, right?

The Facebook and Instagram accounts are up and running, and more are coming soon. We couldn't just have one global social media network, right? That would be too simple! Check us out and "like," "follow," etc... to stay up to date. (see below)

We also got our official phone number 910.800.1162



Shopping for Land! Also, we're on Youtube!

Exciting steps... shopping for land!



We are official NC Business Owners!

Our NC State Articles of Organization were approved today. We officially exist in NC! You can even verify us online Certification # (and reference #) C202017200207-1 



COVID is slowing us down but not stopping us!

Did you know it is even more difficult to start a new business in the middle of a pandemic than it is to keep a current one running? We are working around some barriers.



More COVID related issues, but we are still here!

So, a large promised funder dropped out related to their own COVID financial struggles, so we will have to work harder on fundraising, but we are on it!

How You Can Help

Contribute by donating money

Every single dollar counts. Donating even a small sum gets the Raven close to being up and running sooner. Receipts are provided for your tax purposes.

Contribute by donating time & services

If you own a business, or are a licensed professional, that can offer a type of labor or service that we need to build our dream, and you'd like to do so as part of a sponsor agreement (in lieu of being paid for your time & services) use the Contact Us form to get in touch. 

Contribute by being a Named Sponsor

If you or your business has a large sum to donate, you can sponsor a specific need for The Raven and have it named after you. All sponsor contracts will be negotiated individually. Use the Contact Us form if you are interested.

Seeking Sponsorship

or Donated Time, Services, & Supplies

  • ​Notice: named sponsorship requires a donation of the full cost for the item or all labor and supplies for the item.

  • Contract conditions are individually negotiated.

  • If full sponsorship is not received, the items will be paid for via miscellaneous donations and other funding.

    • The River Court: Park-style basketball court

    • Digital Projector 

    • Screen 

    • Stage 

    • Fence 

    • Concessions Equipment

    • Store front for photo-ops (can be part of fence)

    • Storage building (with store front for appearance)

    • Large riding mower 

    • Picnic tables

    • Pavilion

    • Gazebo

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